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Cover Design for Independent Authors

Cover Design for Independent Authors by Vaughn Treude If you search “cover design” online, you’ll find that many writers say “Don’t do your own covers.” They mention the many pre-made designs available for purchase and recommend using one of those. … Continue reading

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Book Covers – Super Fun, or Make You Wanna Stab Your Eyes Out?

Book Covers – Super Fun, or Make You Wanna Stab Your Eyes Out? by Cody Wagner Now that my novel is getting closer to completion, it’s time to start thinking about my book cover. Of course, you might be thinking, … Continue reading

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Does Your Book Cover Appeal to Readers?

Does Your Book Cover Appeal to Readers? by Virginia Williams The cover of this book appears to offer a deeply whimsical view of an older west coast rural existence, and the book delivers on the promise. Perhaps you buy books … Continue reading

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Standing Up for Yourself in the Publishing Process

Standing Up for Yourself in the Publishing Process by Jake Poinier A friend of mine, call her Beth, recently had a frustrating experience with a so-called traditional publisher. She’d gone through a stretch of long weeks to get her manuscript … Continue reading

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Books Begging to be Opened

Books Begging to be Opened by Cheryl Thomas Who knows what might spark an idea for the perfect book title? Inspiration might come from a favorite beverage like whiskey sour, a lethal plant like nightshade, or a room in the … Continue reading

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The Guts of Book Design

The Guts of Book Design by PJ Hultstrand   The two most important sales tools for an author or publisher are the front cover artwork and the back cover copy. Think about it! As readers, we pick up a book … Continue reading

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Cover Design Concepts

Cover Design Concepts by Charles Brownson Along with proper editing, cover design is considered an essential element in selling your book. Authors are usually advised to hire a professional designer. Can you teach yourself to do your own cover? Maybe … Continue reading

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