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Virgin Birth

Virgin Birth by Rita Goldner The English translation for the word parthenogenesis is virgin birth. Usually the subject of mythology or religious beliefs, it’s also a well-documented scientific feat for some animals. The most imposing expert in this practice was … Continue reading

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Why I Love My Critique Group

Why I Love My Critique Group by Katrina Shawver I know without a doubt that my debut book, Henry: A Polish Swimmer’s True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to America, would not exist in its present form without my writing … Continue reading

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On Writers’ Critique Groups

On Writers’ Critique Groups by Vaughn Treude When novice writers ask their brethren for advice, we frequently recommend joining a writer’s group. Believe me, it can be very helpful. There are two kinds of fiction writers who resist this advice, … Continue reading

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Input from Others Can Improve Your Output as an Author

Input from Others Can Improve Your Output as an Author by Barbara Renner I wrote my first two picture books while living in a small town in northwest Minnesota for the summer. Enthralled with the state bird, the Common Loon, … Continue reading

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Why Workshop? The Benefits of a Fresh Perspective

Why Workshop? The Benefits of a Fresh Perspective by Matthew Howard “Workshop” often means a paid seminar or a creative writing session, but today we look at a different kind of workshop: local groups of writers meeting to read each … Continue reading

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Contemporary, Literary, or Commercial: What Type of Writer Am I?

Contemporary, Literary, or Commercial: What Type of Writer Am I? by Mary Ellen Stepanich, Ph.D. At a recent meeting of one of my writers critique groups, a short story I had submitted for review and feedback was gently criticized for … Continue reading

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How do you know when you’re done?

How do you know when you’re done? by Patrick Hodges I can’t put enough quotation marks around the word “done” in the title to emphasize my point, so I won’t even try. If you’re like me, you’re your own worst … Continue reading

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