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Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, and the Alternative Media

Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, and the Alternative Media by Vaughn Treude The recent Presidential election cycle has been the most interesting and contentious in my lifetime, and I’ve been around a while. When the dust cleared and the votes were … Continue reading

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Standing Up for Yourself in the Publishing Process

Standing Up for Yourself in the Publishing Process by Jake Poinier A friend of mine, call her Beth, recently had a frustrating experience with a so-called traditional publisher. She’d gone through a stretch of long weeks to get her manuscript … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing vs Small Press

Self-Publishing vs Small Press by Patricia Grady Cox For my recently released novel, Chasm Creek, I pitched to a small press and was offered a contract. The contract stated that I would be responsible for marketing and promotion. More than … Continue reading

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The Truth About Hybrid Publishers

The Truth About Hybrid Publishers by P.J. Hultstrand If you Google the term “hybrid publishing,” you will find all sorts of articles and small publishers boasting that they are hybrids. There has been a move toward hybrid publishing as a … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing by David Waid I think there are rational and irrational ways of thinking about the pros and cons of traditional publishing. Here are my versions of both. Irrational Pro I feel like a … Continue reading

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