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Year-End Wishes

Year-End Wishes by Patricia Grady Cox The end of the year is approaching, and the beginning of the next. I’m not big on resolutions, but last year I did resolve to keep better track of my writing business. And so … Continue reading

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Looking Backward to Move Forward – The Story of Herbert Sinclair

Looking Backward to Move Forward – The Story of Herbert Sinclair by Shanan Winters It’s that time of year again. You know the one… …when everyone around you is making their resolutions, and you’re sitting in the corner taking bets … Continue reading

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Resolve by S.L. Hulen In the middle of the night it slipped in, spreading over unfinished manuscripts and the sticky notes that line my office wall like the gauzy layer of dust left by an Arizona monsoon. Another year. For … Continue reading

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Quality vs. Quantity

Quality vs. Quantity by Rita Goldner In the ubiquitous argument about quality vs. quantity, you might not expect me to champion the side of quantity, especially at this season of the year. Surrounded by mounds of cheap tinsel, you might … Continue reading

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Growing Forward

Growing Forward by Melissa Price For many people, the New Year sparks thoughts about change. With meaningful intentions, we make resolutions and set about accomplishing them. Defining how and why we choose to make a change is often straightforward enough. … Continue reading

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Resolve to feel great and live the life you want!

Resolve to feel great and live the life you want! by Alicia Fields It’s here, 2015! You’re probably getting inundated by resolution emails, blogs, and Facebook updates about how to have your best 2015 ever, right? You might not do … Continue reading

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Resolutions Suck! Make a Game Plan Instead…

Resolutions Suck! Make a Game Plan Instead… by Jennie Jerome Have you ever noticed that the most common thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that people fail to achieve them? Not only do they fail, but they fail MISERABLY! Let’s … Continue reading

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