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A Personal ZOO

A Personal ZOO by Patricia Grady Cox Several years ago, I noticed an alarming increase in animal attacks against humans. Bears eating people, mountain lions stalking hikers, killer bees, and perhaps the worst of all: that woman who jogged several … Continue reading

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Forgotten Places

Forgotten Places by C.K. Thomas Did you ever have an idea for a writing project that didn’t gel for many years? I did. I do. It’s still a foggy idea, but recently I was thinking, What if? What if I … Continue reading

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Marketing and the Phoenix Libraries

Marketing and the Phoenix Libraries by Joe Carroccio On Saturday, July 16, Marti Edwards and I had our second book signing at Revolver Records, located in downtown Phoenix. We didn’t sell many books, but we had a very good time … Continue reading

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Plugging the Hole in My Platform (Part 2)

Plugging the Hole in My Platform (Part 2) by Mary Ellen Stepanich, Ph.D. Last month in my post, “My Platform Has a Hole in It,” I discussed an article I’d read about building one’s platform, or brand, as a way … Continue reading

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Vacation body language

Even on vacation, your body language is coming through loud and clear! by Barbara Chatzkel July and August are traditionally vacation months for many Americans. After a lot of planning, millions of people depart for eagerly awaited weeklong or two-week-long … Continue reading

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Best YA Books of 2016 (so far)

Best YA Books of 2016 (so far) by Patrick Hodges I’ve been on a reading tear of late. So many fantastic books to read, so little time! Though I do on rare occasions step out of my comfort zone and … Continue reading

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DFTBA when it comes to social media language!

DFTBA when it comes to social media language! by Nick Nebelsky If the acronyms KPI and SOV have you perplexed, then you need to brush up on your social media lingo. Almost every industry has a language of acronyms that one must master … Continue reading

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