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The Big Picture

The Big Picture by Marcus Nannini Be forewarned: The following is my opinion and is based upon my experience. There is a long road to travel when a book is published by an “indie” publisher, and it’s much longer still … Continue reading

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The Little People

The Little People by C. K. Thomas In 1967, John Peterson published a novel for children about a family of little people with tails who hid in the walls of the Biggs family’s house. The Littles became a series of … Continue reading

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December the 25th

December the 25th by Mary Ellen Stepanich One of my favorite Yuletide songs, but one you don’t hear often, is from Scrooge, the Musical –– “December the 25th.” Here’s the first verse: Of all the days in all the year … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve by Barbara Renner Christmas Eve, draped in tinsel and lights, tiptoes upon us. Children dream of toys under the tree and candy in their stockings; mom wraps last minute gifts; dad snores in front of the fire. What … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Blogging

The Benefits of Blogging by Katrina Shawver [NOTE: This is post represents its author’s opinions – it does not necessarily represent the opinions of this blog’s editor/coordinator.] A regular blog can help increase traffic to your website and increase the … Continue reading

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No Problem? No Thanks.

No Problem? No Thanks. by Kathleen Watson I encourage people to speak—and write—words of thanks in both their personal and business lives. We all like to know our efforts are recognized and appreciated. Whenever I have a book event or … Continue reading

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The Community Christmas Tree

The Community Christmas Tree by Beth Kozan I’d love to be in Texas this Christmas Eve, but I won’t be, so let me tell you about Christmas Eve at Carr’s Chapel in the rural community of Harmony, on the South … Continue reading

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Having a Purpose for Your Business

Having a Purpose for Your Business by Justin Larson I recently attended a seminar called “Thrive.” The whole theme of the conference was making your money matter and having a purpose for your business. I met a lot of great … Continue reading

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Elliot’s Big Adventure

Elliot’s Big Adventure by Beth Kozan It was 1989. Elliot had a big birthday coming up; in December, he would turn 50. I was spooked about my men and their decade-marking birthdays. My first husband, Doug, left me and our … Continue reading

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The Effective Author: The Power of Colors in Your Workspace

The Effective Author: The Power of Colors in Your Workspace © 2017 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. You, as an author, may not think much about the look of your workspace – least of all the colors … Continue reading

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