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“Gee, I wish I could write a book”

“Gee, I wish I could write a book” by Marcus A. Nannini How many times have you heard that? Naturally you follow up with a question along the line of “So why don’t you?” The responses run the usual gamut … Continue reading

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A Writers’ Trio

A Writers’ Trio by C.K. Thomas I’m writing a novella called The Muse with two friends. We’ve decided on 15,000 words, and we meet once a month at our local Panera Bread restaurant and online, as needed. Each of us … Continue reading

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Author Branding

Author Branding by Barbara Renner The golden arches. When you see them, you know exactly what they mean; they mean you are going to enjoy a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder at McDonalds. Personally, I’d stop for their fresh French … Continue reading

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You Want Me to Talk?

You Want Me to Talk? by Patricia Grady Cox Self-promotion sometimes requires giving presentations at book signings. This is not my favorite thing to do, but I can be cajoled into it. On May 12, I will give a talk … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Pacing

The Challenge of Pacing by Vaughn Treude To many outsiders, writing looks easy. As with most worthwhile pursuits, the challenges aren’t obvious to beginners. You can be good at spelling and grammar and even be able to craft a coherent narrative. Your characters could be … Continue reading

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My Story: I’ve Had Four Great Loves in My Life

My Story: I’ve Had Four Great Loves in My Life by Beth Kozan I’ve just had my 75th birthday; it’s a good time to take stock of my life and set new intentions. My first love was Doug. We began … Continue reading

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Living the Moments

Living the Moments © 2018 Kebba Buckley Button, MS, OM. World Rights Reserved. Life so often is portrayed as a steady line, an ongoing process, a single flow. Coaches urge people to determine their quality of life and to … Continue reading

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The Hardy Tardigrade

The Hardy Tardigrade by Rita Goldner My spirit animal this month really takes the cake for weirdness, even considering that I’m known in my posts for being influenced by weird animals. It’s a tardigrade, a cute little guy that’s almost … Continue reading

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