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Out of Character

Out of Character by Joe Torres So I was stuck and at a bit of a dead end. I had no idea what I was going to do next in my novel – so what do we all do when … Continue reading

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How Do You Keep Going?

[Editor’s Note: This is Patricia’s last post for our group blog. Please check her bio below for information about how to keep up with her in other places.] How Do You Keep Going? by Patricia Grady Cox Although we are … Continue reading

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Beating Writer’s Block

Beating Writer’s Block by Vaughn Treude Like me, you probably have childhood memories of sitting in front of a blank page, agonizing over what to write for a school essay. Years ago, in my first foray into writing fiction seriously, … Continue reading

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Fueling Your Creative Juices

Fueling Your Creative Juices by Elijah Shoemaker It happens to virtually every writer eventually. As you are working on the beautiful creation in front of you, you feel that spring of continuously flowing creativity run dry. Some have the philosophy … Continue reading

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Just Do It!

Just Do It! by Christine Burke Now in middle age, I have been carrying around a book idea since my early 20s. It’s a personal account of a portion of my life and my profession at that time. I can’t … Continue reading

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The Block

The Block  by Joe Torres The cursor … the cursor … oh, you accusatory little blip. How I hate thee. And yet I love that blinking little motivator. It’s almost like it’s saying, “Hey, hey, you should … be working … Continue reading

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Locating the Muse

Locating the Muse by Ellen Buikema Muse Lost It was last seen as a swirling mist, which dissipated into the scorching Arizona sun. Here I sit, fingers paused on the keyboard, wondering if … maybe there is a good post … Continue reading

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Mr. Black and Me

Mr. Black and Me by Jens Hughes No outside influence or unforeseen deterrence has been a more destructive force in my life than I have. Most of my life’s letdowns originate not from bad luck or lack of skill. No, … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Bust through Writer’s Block

5 Ways to Bust through Writer’s Block by Jake Poinier Joshua Hoyt’s post earlier this month, “Character Development in Action: How to Get Past Writer’s Block,” struck a chord with me. It’s a little different as a freelancer who focuses … Continue reading

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Character Development in Action: How to Get Past Writer’s Block

Character Development in Action: How to Get Past Writer’s Block by Joshua Hoyt Today I had the privilege of presenting to a fourth grade class on character development. I explained a little about character creation; then, as a class, we … Continue reading

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