The Power of the Mind and Beliefs

The Power of the Mind and Beliefs

by Rob Pikula

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Over the past 15 years, I have been pondering how and why we form our thoughts. I realized that many of us may never have considered how these beliefs could be working for, or against, our highest good. I watch how so many people, seemingly without thought, pass judgment while looking outside of themselves. They seem so easily to point a finger at others’ behaviors without realizing that their own judgments and beliefs are hurting themselves. For some, this concept of self-pain may be difficult to swallow, but as we learn more about ourselves, we discover that these negative beliefs can only be seen as hurting the core of who we are. It is time to realize that our inner thoughts and beliefs can be changed for the better. We can shift our perspective on these matters, and in the process help not only ourselves, but all of humanity.

For years I have been researching people like Gregg Braden, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay. Louise was a well-known author and motivational speaker for more than 40 years. She passed away after reaching 90+ years and wrote many books, most notably, You Can Heal Your Life. She has healed millions of people by teaching them to change their thoughts and beliefs. She even went as far as creating a list of all ailments in the body and connecting them with the way we think. Once we change a certain thought, we can heal the coordinating part of the body.

Your thoughts and beliefs of the past have created this moment, and all the moments up to this moment. What you are now choosing to believe and think and say will create the next moment and the next day and the next month and the next year.”

* * *

When we expand our thinking and beliefs, our love flows freely. When we contract, we shut ourselves off. Can you remember the last time when you were in love? Your heart went ahhh!! It was such a wonderful feeling. It is the same with loving yourself, except that you will never leave once you have your love for yourself. It’s with you for the rest of your life, so you want to make it the best relationship that you can have.

― Louise L. Hay

Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger concept of belief in general. Beliefs have been brought forth from many understandings, over many lifetimes. Some of our beliefs have been brought through in our subconscious mind over the many centuries and lifetimes we have lived in various time periods that preceded our current life. Beliefs also originate from different cultures, religions, traditions, and values handed down from our parents. As we grow, these teachings begin to take shape in our minds. Slowly, over time, these ideas become our core beliefs.

As we live and grow, our thoughts gradually become influenced through reading and listening to ideas from all manner of sources. Think of all the different ways we are influenced by information. There are many sources of data, such as scientists’ findings, books, teachers and schools, quotes and statements from famous people, film, the media, etc. All of these ideas form the collection of data, existing in our minds, which we have come to think of as proof. But is it really proof?

According to Wikipedia:

Belief is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case, with or without there being empirical evidence to prove that something is the case with factual certainty. Another way of defining belief sees it as a mental representation of an attitude positively oriented towards the likelihood of something being true.”

* * *

“[P]hilosophers use the term ‘belief’ to refer personal attitudes associated with true or false ideas and concepts. However, ‘belief’ does not require active introspection and circumspection.”

For example, a couple years ago I was wearing a t-shirt that had my name on it, along with a symbol of a dragon. Many positive meanings are associated with the dragon. If you do your due diligence, research will reveal that the dragon symbol represents the embodiment of primordial power – the ultimate ruler of all the elements. This is because the dragon is believed to be the master of all the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. This is a symbol of balance, symbolic of equality. This is where my heart lies, in the knowing of positive thinking.

So I wore this shirt as I walked into the deli area of a grocery store. As I was about to sit down at a table there, a woman pointed at my shirt and told her husband (loudly enough for me to hear), “He is in a cult.” The woman’s husband started to look at me rather fearfully. It was difficult for me to fathom why they would think this way. Was it because of the religious beliefs they have embodied over time, or perhaps personal experience with a cult? Or was it simply a judgment? Needless to say, the woman had no idea what the true meaning of a dragon was.

Chinese dragon on blue sky with cloud top of temple

When I looked at myself in that moment, I realized I was not standing up for myself. I wasn’t speaking for myself, explaining the truth about the dragon symbol to this couple. Perhaps I should have been able to confidently teach them, with no concern for their reaction. But my thoughts at that moment were, Don’t they know any better? Why aren’t they willing to grow and learn because of such a rude comment, to put it nicely. I found myself forming my own judgment and attitude about them instead of educating them. So where does my belief come from? I had to take the time to think about that. You can see how this method of passing judgment works both ways, as we create our reality with both our thoughts and our beliefs.

Jonathan Leicester, author of the book, What Beliefs are Made From, suggests that belief has the purpose of guiding action, rather than indicating truth. This statement resonated with me. Many religious leaders, since the dawn of religion, have been changing the perspective of what God is, while creating fear, thereby seemingly controlling us by creating the belief that God will punish humans if we don’t obey. Many will agree with me that this idea is the furthest from the truth.

We have never been separated from God. His energy is in all living things at a higher frequency of love that we can’t see with the naked eye but can be felt. Love at this higher frequency does not punish or turn to hatefulness if we don’t obey. People can learn to discern and feel the truth within themselves. You can feel it in your heart. The God I have learned to know is all Creator, all loving in all things. Change your perspective toward the idea of a loving Creator, and feel the shift within. This shift will feel subtle, but you will feel a level of peace, comfort, and an enormous amount of love. It won’t be immediate, but takes time, commitment, and focus. Pray your intention internally in the form of meditation, while asking God to shift your energy.

More honest levels for proof of true belief comes through your own personal experiences. You may feel a sense of knowing at a soul level, using your fiver primary senses (hearing, vision, touch, smell, and taste). In nature, this derivative feeling is known as a gut feeling. If you delve deeper into that feeling, this strong knowing usually overcomes your existence. This knowing comes from the higher metaphysical energies which exist around and in your very essence.

__________________Rob Pikula
ROB PIKULA is an author, artist, metaphysical intuitive, and certified Reiki master. Pikula’s art was exhibited in
Modern Painters magazine of New York and Aesthetica of the UK. His first book, Our Children Come First, chronicles his battle for custody of his daughter. His forthcoming book will help parents and children overcome fear of spirits. Connect with Rob on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Navajo Native Americans are rooted in a belief that, when created, humans were provided with four elements: Earth, water, air and fire. It is our responsibility to protect them. My grandmother was Cherokee. On another note, why would someone think you belonged to a cult by wearing a dragon on your shirt?


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